Walk Through Guide

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Welcome to “R1Dvideos Community, Our mission is to build up this community with value so that you are able to utilize us and our services in the best ways possible; in return we offer quality. Here not only are you able to upload videos, but you can also upload music as well, and share it with members from all around the world.


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The first thing you want to do is complete your profile, be sure to also fill in your location, Country and your City, so that we can notify you when we have any events or meet ups in your area. After completing your profile info and you have uploaded a profile picture be sure to add or follow at least 20-30 members in the community. Let’s be honest you are here to get connected globally and one the ways to do is getting to know who’s in here, you never know what you can build with just a simple message saying “Hello” letting them know who you are and by leaving a comment. If you like what you see or hear, then be sure to share it on your profile and in return they will do the same.


Upload Music

If you are an music artist and would like to upload music then you can do so by clicking this link Upload.R1Dmusic.Com click on login then click on login with “R1Dvideos”, this will allow you to create an account automatically with your “R1Dvideos Community” Account” Once you have been logged in you may want to change your username into your Artist Name. Upload some of your music, if you have an issue uploading music right away then that mean you will need to get an artist verification badge. You are able to obtain this by clicking on your profile picture, then click on “Artist Verification”

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Upload Videos

You can also create a channel and upload videos by clicking this link Upload.R1Dvideos.Com Click on login then click on the “R1Dvideos” icon this will create an account out of your “R1Dvideos Community” profile. Complete your profile here as well and then begin uploading videos, You can easily import videos from YouTube.


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Get 10 – 20 of your social media friends and followers to join the community let’s grow together, the more members in the community the better. Simply send them a message letting them know that you’ve found a new cool community that offers endless opportunity for global exposure. Here’s the best part you can get paid from this as well by sharing your affiliate link with your friends on other social media accounts, click the link to access your ‘Affiliate Link” OBTAIN AFFILIATE LINK

What Else Is There To Know?

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On the side bar in the community you can access other tools and resources, Such as Knowledge Base, MarketPlace, Dating Social Site, Tools and more. The side bar and other sites you see there will be updated periodically, you will receive an e-mail when there is new updates. You will also receive an e-mail when someone Likes, Comment, Share, Add You, as a friend etc. We currently have our app in the “Android” Google Play Store, DOWNLOAD ANDROID APP  The app will be available soon in the “iOS Market”

What are we currently developing?

At the moment we are currently developing our mobile game, Geared to help indie music artist or entertainer achieve global exposure in a more innovative way, if you want more info on this opportunity to add your song to our mobile game e-mail [email protected] Subject line should say “Gaming Opportunity”. We also have slots available for any one that want’s to have they’re custom character created and added to our mobile game.