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Second Stimulus Check Update & News Report Thursday August 20

This is your Second Stimulus Check update, stimulus package update, and stimulus check 2 update and daily show news report as of Thursday, August 20th.

Pluggy Simmons x Been There – (instudio x behind the scene)

Pluggy Simmons x been there – instudio x behind the scene @workhardproduction catches up with pluggy in Poptraxx Hdestudios and catch all the vibes as pluggy takes us back to the beginning.

Chase Bank’s Economic Warning

Jamie Dimon the CEO of JP Morgan Chase Bank issued a dire warning for the United States economy – in this video we discuss what’s happening in the economy.

Shannon Briggs Goes Off On Mike Tyson

“Shannon Briggs Goes Off On Mike Tyson” For Fighting Roy Jones Instead Of Him|Predicts Tyson Winning

Judd: 3 close friends ‘massacred’

During fishing trip in Frostproof


NEW STIMULUS CHECK DETAILS ARE HERE. I am going to break down the new stimulus check details released in the new stimulus bill.

The Great & Frustrating Career of J. Cole

J Cole: Hip Hop’s Reluctant Leader – Try as we might, no human being is infallible.

Rappers Are Finally Waking Up

Rappers Are Finally Waking Up – Now, it looks like a lot of rappers are currently seeing the independent route as a viable option.

Mitch Better have my Money

The coming Riots once the Government Money Stops

The 1 Minute Rule for Getting Stuff Done

So you want to get stuff done, but don’t know how to get things done easily? The one minute rule (or 1 minute rule) is a simply productivity hack that can help you break bad habits like procrastination and learn how to get stuff done fast.