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Xzibit & Baby Bash Discuss Aliens

On this episode of The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast special guest Xzibit & Baby Bash join us to discuss several topics such as alien life, technology + other conspiracies.

What part of Chicken do South African’s Like to eat?? It is not obvious!

Uncle Steve REALLY does need to spend more time in Africa, but he will be eating the juicy part of the Chicken and leave the skinny feet and ngingila aka known as giblets to the South African’s!!!

Missing in Alaska: Ferocious Alaskan Bear God (S1, E13) | Full Episode

Sixty years ago, the residents of an Alaskan village disappeared. A passing fisherman witnessed a massive, ferocious white bear, reminiscent of a northern legend, the Bear God called Torngarsuk

J. Cole NOT Droppin

J. Cole NOT Dropping, Kanye Drops Out & Nick Cannon Cancelled?! | Rap It Up Ep. 15

S5 Lets Go: A New Vintage Story EP 3Trailer

Lets Go: A new vintage story depicts the lives of a group from Tilden Houses who finds comfort from life issues in fashion and crime as they battle growing up in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

WTF Is Going On?!’ 😨Sneak Peek | Growing Up Hip Hop

All hell breaks loose when a brawl explodes between Twist and JoJo. Danger strikes when Angela’s stalker sneaks back into the picture and threatens her safety.

Is Romeo Pissed at Twist? | Growing Up Hip Hop

Twist explains his jokes about Romeo. Watch “GUHH” Thursdays at 9/8!

Lost Morals pt. 1 (Episode #71)

On this week’s episode, we are talking about when we lost our morals as a community and how to get back to a code of ethics that will honor our culture and the advancement of our communities.

Hip Hop Pops Part 1

After turning 50 Pops starts feeling like his life is over and in efforts to bring him out of his slump Shawn and Marlon unintentionally gets Pops to revamp his style with a Hip Hop Swing!