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What’s Not Quite Right With – CREED II (bonus-HISHG)

NQRs and How it Should Have Gone… What would the Creed stories look like if Rocky wasn’t in it??

What’s Not Quite Right With – Friday the 13th – 1980 (DONOR’S PICK!)

“They were warned… They are doomed… And on Friday the 13th, nothing will save them.”

What’s Not Quite Right With – Enter The Dragon (DONOR PICK!)

With that statement, Bruce Lee launched himself as a legend in action cinema! Enter The Dragon is a benchmark movie that set off the kung-fu/martial arts craze that took over the decade of the 70s and never went away.

What’s Not Quite Right With – THE KILLER (DONOR PICK!)

The movie that made me and pretty much every young aspiring filmmaker in the early 90s make little movies where people stood around pointing guns in each other faces!

What’s Not Quite Right With – JUNGLE FEVER

Spike Lee’s classic 90s examination of interracial dating with all of the highs, lows and flaws revealed.

The Untold Truth Of The Karate Kid

While The Karate Kid is pretty much a perfect movie, there’s far more to this film than sanding floors, painting fences, and beating up bad guys.

Bill and Ted Face The Music Official Trailer 2020 Breakdown

Bill and Ted Face The Music Official Trailer 2020. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Return.

Official Trailer: Greenleaf Season 5

The wait is almost over! The final season of ‘Greenleaf’ kicks off on Tuesday, June 23.

A Social Media Movie (Full Movie)

For the first time in history, 25 of the biggest social media influencers and comedians in the United States collaborate to make a film about the new internet sensation.


A family is torn apart during the American Civil War.