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Bankroll Freddie on Vlad Saying Dolph Killed Lil Baby on ‘Drip Like This’ Remix

In this clip, Bankroll Freddie speaks about how his rap career started to take off after he remixed Lil Baby’s “Freestyle.”

DeRay Davis | Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson

DeRay Davis is an American stand-up comedian and actor.

Pacman Da Gunman: speaks on investments

Building a warehouse, learning from Nipsey (Part 2)

Druski Talks About How He Cheated His Way Through College

Druski talks about his school experience, going through his college life to be with his friends and goof around, but had to find other ways to maintain.

Young Pappy’s Little Brother Taysav Tells The Real Story Behind His Life & Untimely Death

Taysav fondly and dearly shares about his brother Young Pappy, their strong bond, looking up to him, his early days making music, getting big and being inspired by each other, keeping his name alive with his music and the real dark side of the streets of Chicago.

Nineteen Trips To Prison-Eric

A third Soft White Underbelly talk with Eric, who in this video speaks about his trips to and from prison and his new life as a free man.

Lil House Phone Admits He Savagely Clowned A Rapper Who Then Became Famous

Housephone details the untold story of a rapper he dissed in front of a venue full of people during a No Jumper Tour…

Pacman Da Gunman: still selling CD’s

inspired by Nipsey Hussle’s Proud 2 Pay campaign (Part 1)

Boosie Reacts to the 1st Transgender Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

In this clip, Boosie reacted to Sports Illustrated featuring their first transgendered model and rehashed his previous take on trans, homosexuality, and the “traditional household.